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...on this page are images of the stallions used in my breeding program.

..Here are some photos of my young stallion, Pila. I know a lot of you have been asking about him. I am very proud of him as he is so gentle and has such a terrific hind end on him. He seems to be passing that on. Many people have been asking me if I will ship semen from him. I'm just not set up right now to do that, but I will be considering it for the future. We're moving to a new farm this year and will have more available time with them. Keep watching my website....

...Introducing Wap's Pilatus HH...

















(Bottom right)

The Mad Hungarian himself. Ron's looking alot younger after tending the herd for a few years...amazing!


Foals by Pilatus...


Click on box below for video of this colt in action

and all of these other outstanding animals previously owned by the late Virginia Hood of JG Appaloosa Sport Horses



Wap Spot


16:3 hh as a 3 yr old - triple grandson of Wap's Spot 2

Reserve MHSA Highpoint-limited showing

It's a long way down off of this guy!







Wap's Spot 2

the "Grandaddy" of them all - now deceased

Founding sire of the Wap Line of Sport Horses

Listed as a leading sire of USDF Horse of the Year recipients

USDF and ApHC Medallion Sire

The only Appaloosa to win Get of Sire at Upperville, Va.



Wap's Reflection


Also deceased - USDF Horse of the Year

ApHC Horse of the Year - Dressage

Cathy Eckternach in the saddle








Wap's Applause



AHSA Horse of the Year - 7th in the Nation

the only Appaloosa in the standings

That's me on board! (shameless plug for myself)





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